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Made for the Something Awful Summer Jam 2017 over the course of 3 weeks, July 7th to August 1st, 2017.


It's 1982, you're a ... kid (?) in need of money (?) and your friendly Electronics Store owning friend Kozmosa suggests you sell the recordings you make of concerts you attend. Through powerful conversations, emotional gameplay, and acceptable-music you'll run around through crowds, into flailing goofs, and away from angered guards. Place a recorder as near as you can to the source of sound in order to get decent volume levels. Try not to retry too many times to save the quality of your tapes. Do it all quickly to maintain a decent Time Score ©, and avoid listening to the music which is actually pretty good if you give it a shot. Probably? Probably. You'll probably be into it. It's all made with SoundFonts so that's pretty uh ... nifty.

Game Mechanics

WASD : Move around

Shift: Sprint (guards are suspicious of sprinters in their venues)

Spacebar: Hold to place recorder (guards are even more suspicious of this)

Q: Pick up a placed recorder (only if you're trying to move it somewhere else!)

E: Interact with ... things (depending on the thing, guards might also not like this)

Tab: Toggle audio-proximity-sensor to get a handle on the decency of volume


- Guards can't see you or your recorders through walls, or if obstructed otherwise. If there's a big 'ol vignette around the screen, you can assume you're safely hidden from hostile persons. Unless they're angry, and literally on top of you. In that case, I don't know how to help you, it seems like you're just kinda in a bad way and you coulda probably not ended up that way. Get in, place a recorder, get out.

- The ending screen changes depending on your score throughout the game! DO BETTER.

- Special thanks to TomR and Kalias for playtesting and giving helpful feedback.


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